Cascari Sauvignon

cascari sauvignon etichetta


Sauvignon IGP Vigneti delle Dolomiti “Collina Zinzéle”


Sauvignon 100%

Type of cultivation

Pergola and Guyot

Brief notes on the history of the wine

After an old terraced vineyard had been recalimed in 1991, and the soil renewed, with the aid of technological innovations the
hillside slope was densely planted with low vines. “Collina Zinzèle”
was thus created with the vines growing on the steepest side of the
slope in order to achieve a limited yield of superior grapes from
every vine.


50 hl. per hectare

Place of production

“Alla Quartella” vineyard (Loc. Longariva; home production), “Collina Zinzèle” vineyard (Loc. Sano Municipality of Mori -Tn)


Fermentation of the must without the skins at a controlled temperature for one and a half weeks with partial blending of the macerated must


Straw yellow with light greenish reflections


Various fruit and vegetable scents: citrus fruits, figs, tropical fruit,
elderberry and nettle


Soft, delicate, harmonious with characteristic flavour of fruit reminiscent of the original grape


2 – 4 years

Serving Temperature

10° – 11° C

Best with

Hors-d’oeuvres, fish in sauce, first courses based on fish and shell-fish

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Cascari Sauvignon
Cascari Sauvignon