Zinzèle Pinot nero

Zinzèle Pinot Nero etichetta


Pinot Nero IGP Vigneti delle Dolomiti – Riserva


Pinot Nero 100%

Type of cultivation

In densely planted rows with pruning à la Guyot (n. 9730 plants/hectare)

Brief notes on the history of the wine

After an old terraced vineyard had been recalimed in 1991, and the soil renewed, with the aid of technological innovations, the hillside slope was densely planted with low vines. “Collina Zinzèle” was thus created with the vines growing on the steepest side of the slope in order to achieve a limited yield of superior grapes from every vine.


40 hl. per hectare

Place of production

“Collina Zinzèle” vineyard (Location: SANO Municipality of Mori TN)


Fermentation on the skins for 2 weeks. Ageing of the wine in small French oak barrels for about 24 months.


Red and sometimes intense garnet red reflections


Intense with scent of forest fruits (wild strawberries and blackberries) wild cherries and bitter cherries. After an initial fruity scent, there is a sensation of spices (liquorice, vanilla etc)


In the most recent vintages a slight tannic quality and good body, present due to the young age of the wine, stress its strong character, ideally suited to ageing


6 – 9 years

Serving Temperature

17° – 18° C

Best with

Game; combines perfectly with second courses with plenty of
juices and flavour and mature cheeses

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Zinzèle Pinot nero
Zinzèle Pinot nero